Simply the best, THE only spice you need in your spice rack. I put Corky's on everything; pork, beef, poultry, vegetables, etc. Rub the seasoning into your meat at least a half hour before grilling for best results! -Luke Weiss



simply grillin'
the "all-in-one seasoning"
perfect addition to any food
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As an Iowa pork producer with an undeniable passion for grilling and barbecue, Corky Feuerbach took his love for spicing up traditional grilling items by creating his own line of branded products, Corky’s Cookout.

For years Corky and his wife Dalona catered hundreds of events with their barbecue creations. Today, they are still creating barbecue magic at tailgates and many other events. Corky’s Cookout products embody that passion for good food, family and friends – try Corky’s today and share in an Iowa favorite!

Corky’s Cookout products are a great addition to any kitchen or barbecue enthusiast’s line up. Don’t forget to check out our Corky’s Cookout gift boxes, which make the perfect birthday, special occasion or holiday gift!

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